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$78 per hour

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$92 per hour

Meyer Truck And Alignment

When you have to get your rig off the road and into the shop unexpectedly, it can mean lost time, out-of-route miles and expenses you can't predict.

Preventive maintenance is the best way to cut costs, minimize breakdowns, protect your investment and help you keep your commitments. Let Meyer Truck And Alignment Preventive Maintenance answer your problems.

Convenient, Predictable Expense Control
Tailored to fit the way you operate, this innovative PM solution gives you more control over your schedule, your maintenance budget and the quality of service you receive. 

Fast, Expert Service
Meyer Truck And Alignment’s team combines the latest technology and diagnostic equipment with "The World's Best" technicians. The result is fast, efficient, quality service backed by an organization you can trust.

A Maintenance Schedule That's Right for You
Like every big truck, Preventive Maintenance is a customized solution. The program offers several maintenance schedule choices and service levels, ranging from intermittent "dry inspections" to comprehensive, bumper-to-taillight service packages. Your coverage incorporates factory-recommended procedures, annual government safety inspections and the common-sense judgment of heavy-duty truck experts. You pay only for the service you direct. Later, if you're driving more miles than you predict or you add vehicles to a fleet, it's easy to modify your plan.

Let us pencil out the cost for you--you'll see how cost-effective the program is!
Just talk to our representative they will provide you with a detailed estimate that demonstrates how Meyer Truck And Alignment’s Preventive Maintenance can benefit your business.

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